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I love INT-s so MUCH


INTPs and INTJ’s are:

  • low maintenance, socially
  • honest
  • creative
  • appreciative of wordplay and other cleverness
  • logical—INTPs are illogical in action when acting on impulse, but will always know when they are being illogical, and INTJs just logic out everything they do because of course…

Me and my fiance!

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MBTI: Comforting Someone


INFJ: It’s not your fault, you don’t deserve to feel this way

INFP: You’ve got so much potential, just keep your head up!

ENFP: Everything’s going to be alright man!

ENFJ: What’s wrong? Tell me everything. I’m here for you.

INTJ: Are those… Tears? Jesus Christ

OMG THE INTJ ONE! I LAUGHED WAY TOO LOUD JUST NOW and my dog is now closely examining my face to make sure I’m still sane.

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